Factoring Consulting Solutions

Factor Help is staffed by factoring consultants that are subject matter experts. We are the oldest factoring consulting company in the United States and provide you with the best-in-class solutions.

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Factoring Consulting Solutions

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FactorHelp has the expertise to help you understand the world of the Factoring Industry. Whether you are experienced in the world of finance and want to deploy your capital or you are interested in starting your own company. We will provide you with the support to accommodate your needs.

Initial Consultation

Perhaps you are just beginning your due diligence in the industry. Where do you turn? FactorHelp will offer you the following service to help you decide the right direction for your new endeavor. We give you a 30-minute overview of the industry at no cost. Then, we will provide you with 5 hours of consultation for only $ 1,250. This will give you a good basis of how you might move forward to finding the right solution for your particular situation. After the initial consultation, we can help:

  • Formulate your business plan and budgets
  • Provide and customize a policy and operations manual
  • Locate Start-up Capital and Funding
  • Assist in finding the right human capital
  • Set up your operation
  • Build your website
  • Identify the best vendors to fit your company goals
  • Or perhaps purchase a portfolio or platform

Each entrepreneur or entity is different and each has its own set of goals and aspirations. Our job is to utilize our vast industry knowledge to help you attain those goals.

Growth Stage

The challenge with many entrepreneurial companies is that they hit a plateau and find it hard to grow or need to understand how to get to the next level. We have seen many companies in this stage and we can help you reach the next level.

During this vital stage, FactorHelp will assist with:

  • Credit / Portfolio / Operations reviews to ensure credit quality and best practices are being followed in  the back room but also ensuring that the best service  is being provided to the clients to help with retention of clients
  • Help formulate strong Underwriting standard and procedures so that more deals can be done by structuring correctly and in many cases, it allows more deals to be done
  • Additional capital to grow your business in the form of sub-debt or equity infusion
  • Assist in finding a new Line of Credit
  • Sales Training and Sales Management Training
  • Introduce you to Participation partners  (buy or sell)
  • Portfolio purchases when they become available

Your Exit Strategy

90% factoring companies in North America are entrepreneurial based which means that at some point, this dynamic risk taker has to decide “what is next?” Companies in this industry sell for many reasons such as:

  • they lost their line of credit due to their funding source;
  • the health of the principal may not be what it once was;
  • they sustained a hit and they have to sell
  • it is just not much fun anymore
  • it just might be the market is right to cash out

Regardless, there are steps to follow to realize the best possible exit scenario and Factorhelp can help. We are available to conduct one or all of the following:

  • Conduct and operational review to ensure that the ensuring audit any purchaser completes will be favorable.
  • Complete a valuation. This does not guarantee what you will realize from a sale but a strong valuation will give you a basis for negotiating or perhaps make the decision that you do or do not want to proceed with a sale at this time.
  • Very quietly and confidentially represent you to strategic purchasers who have the ability to close the transaction.
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