Projection and Budget Spreadsheets

FactorHelp has developed this easy to use Factoring Forecasting Model to assist you in preparing 3-year Projections or Budgets. These Interactive Spreadsheets allow you to change any and all of the important assumptions, thereby visually displaying how these changes affect the bottom line profitability of your Factoring Company.

These Projection & Budget Spreadsheets include:

  • Easy to follow Instructions.
  • Initial + Next 3 Year Ending BALANCE SHEETS including important performance statistics such as Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Assets (ROA).
  • 3 Year Income Statements using your assumptions regarding yield, advance rates, cost of funds, and all other important expense categories.
  • Cash Flow Statements to tie everything together.
  • Details to help compute the “difficult” areas of Headcount (based on # of Clients), total Payroll, and Client Attrition.
  • These Spreadsheets are designed to be scaled to any size organization.

We are in the process of having these Yearly Projections converted to Quarterly. Then we will be converting them to Monthly. Anyone who purchases an earlier version will receive all updated versions FREE. If you are a Startup Factor, take the guesswork out of preparing Projections.

If you are already in the Factoring Business, cut down the time it takes to prepare your yearly Budgets. And since these have been (and continue being) tested, you can rely on perfect accuracy!

Predict the future with accuracy.

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Factoring Projection and Budget Spreadsheets
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