Factoring Service Consultants

FactorHelp’s Service Consultants are proven experts with numerous year’s experience in the area that you desire assistance. Additionally, we provide you with their resumes and work history prior to your first meeting when they will review with you, your goals for the assignment.

Additionally, we chose our consultants from individuals who are senior management of other factoring companies who have expressed a desire to be called if there is a need in their geographical area. This means:

*They are not trying to keep you on the consulting tab but striving to help you attain success.

*They are not out of work individuals who need a gig until they can land a job again.

FactorHelp’s model has stood the test of time and our reputation is stellar. While others have failed, we have been here year after year after year. Give us a call to find out why we are considered the best resource a factoring company can have.

Factoring Service Consultants
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Intermediary Services, Buying/Selling Portfolios, Company Acquisitions

FactorHelp offers Intermediary services for both the Buy and Sell sides of a Factoring Portfolio or Company Acquisition. We can reduce the time and effort of purchasing or divesting and we can help find the capital to finance the transaction, if needed. We not only locate opportunities, but we also have the expertise to assist the parties in smooth and expedient negotiations, even for ‘out of the box’ or ‘distressed’ situations. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Confidential And Private – FactorHelp appreciates the need for complete Confidentiality when dealing with transactions of this nature. Information gets communicated upon your approval. Further, our experience allows us to provide potential Buyers with just enough important, but generic, information to quickly ascertain those that are serious from those that are ‘just shopping’.

Company Valuations

Preparing a company for sale and preparing a valuation can be somewhat cumbersome. Is it a platform or just a portfolio sales. How long has it been in business. How much of the key management personnel, if any will stay. Then, of course you have to have some similar comps to other sales which can be tricky data to gather. Let us help you decide if now is the right time to consider a sale by providing you a comprehensive market valuation.

Traditional or ABL Lines of Credit

Locating Lines of Credit is one of the most difficult challenges facing Factors today. The story banks are telling our clients, “Why should I lend money to companies that are lending money to customers who I will not lend money”. Banks and 1st Tier Lenders get into and out of the business of providing working capital to other lenders and Factors. When your factoring financing source exits, your business gets disrupted at no fault of your own. That is why it is important to find the “right” lender.

For over 20 years we have experienced which institutions are committed to financing this niche and which ones are just ‘testing the waters’. FactorHelp can help you located those lines of credit and placed with a lender that truly understands Factoring and is committed to the business for the long haul.

ReFactoring and ReDiscount Lines

FactorHelp has relationships with larger Factors that can provide ReFactoring and ReDiscount Lines. In these programs, the ReDiscounter allows access to their menu of services as well as to funding. The small Factor essentially becomes a consolidator of small deals for the factoring ReDiscounter, which would not deal directly with these Clients due to either their size, financial condition or both.

These programs can be on a Recourse or Non_Recourse basis, thereby protecting both the ultimate Client and the small Factor from credit losses. Factoring Rediscount Lines are more expensive than traditional Lines of Credit from 1st Tier Lenders or Banks. However, they allow access to the ReDiscounter’s service capabilities and are easier to qualify for since the lender is actually Refactoring (hence the term).

Factoring rediscount lines of credit can also be structured as Credit Guarantees only (when no financing is required). These are most prevalent in the Garment, Textile, Furniture and Retail Industries.

Seeking an Equity Capital Raise?

Factorhelp has relationships with both institutional and private sources of money who both know and like our industry. Let us use our rolodex to help you be successful in raising this special type of capital required to increase your line or be successful in the factoring industry.

Factoring Participations

FactorHelp’s model has stood the test of time and our reputation is stellar.  While others have failed, we have been here year after year after year.  Give us a call to find out why we are considered the best resource a factoring company can have.

FactorHelp has an extensive network for companies interested in the  participation part of the business. You are just as good as your partner.

If you are a Factor in need of financing or wanting to Sell a Participation in a particular deal to mitigate the risk, lower concentration or to meet legal lending limits


If you are a capital provider to the Factoring Industry or a firm looking to Buy into a Participation to put your excess capital to work, let us help you find that great participation partner.

Subject Matter Expert Testimony

FactorHelp can provide factoring experts with real world experience who are knowledgeable in every factoring discipline. Recognized as the factoring experts, we provide in-depth analysis, insight, guidance, opinions and reports that will assist in solving and resolving litigation matters effectively and efficiently. Our factoring experts are frequent speakers, teachers and consultants and have prior expert witness experience.

Credit Reviews

FactorHelp can provide your factoring company with detailed credit reviews on your prospective clients. Credit Review can be performed on several levels of detail and you have the option of adding a wide array of services to give you confidence in your prospect approvals.

Portfolio Reviews

Periodic reviews of your portfolio are essential to identifying problems and ensuring that your portfolio is performing to internal specifications and projections. FactorHelp’s Portfolio Review Service looks at your portfolio data on a periodic basis and provide analysis of key industry metrics, present historical comparisons, suggest key areas of exposure, and compare statistics to your projections and planning.

Operations Reviews

A strong and efficient operations department is essential to any factoring company’s success and growth. FactorHelp’s Operations Reviews will work with your company to provide the foundations of a strong operations function including setting up clients, debtors, purchasing receivables, payment applications, reserve disbursements, and general monitoring, all in symphony with your industry software. Reviews can vary based upon the size, scope and need of your company.

Underwriting Reviews

FactorHelp can work with your company to develop an efficient and attentive credit department through developing an understanding of the factoring underwriting process, sharing industry best practices, identify and optimize your use of various risk analytics services, and properly review each transaction to ensure adherence to internal policy.

Credit Policy Formation

Managing Credit Risk is often overlooked as a key component to the successful and responsible growth of a factoring company. FactorHelp can work with your organization to produce a document which identifies your risk tolerance levels, defines credit culture within your company, and provides for defined roles in managing your everyday credit risk. We can work with you to establish key thresholds, industries, documentation requirements, approval levels, and monitoring objectives which will assist your organization’s consistent and defined growth.

Planning & Budgeting Training

FactorHelp’s Planning & Budgeting Training can assist your organization by pairing you with an experienced industry player to properly define your factoring company. Our consultants are experienced in the requirements of starting a factoring company and the resources needed at each stage of your company’s growth. We will assist you with headcount requirements, selecting software and service vendors, and the mechanics of working with deal pipelines to ensure your budgets are accurate.

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